Dundee was designated a UNESCO City of Design in 2014. Since then we have used the designation to champion design across the city, to use it as a tool to empower people and to work with designers here and globally to promote and connect their work. It is our aim to use brilliant design to make Dundee a better place to live.

Dundee is a dynamic city with a strong cultural identity and a history of innovation and creativity.


As a Creative City of Design, Dundee envisages:

  • using design as a cornerstone in addressing both social inequalities and opportunities that exist in the city;
  • sharing experiences and knowledge about digital design, including links between game design and the arts and sciences as well as contemporary art and design;
  • setting up collaborative projects on interdisciplinary design, combining multiple design approaches to solve social challenges;
  • focusing on social design, redesigning public service and community engagement; and
  • fostering public discourse on the place and contribution of design in contemporary society.