Dundee Design Month is delivered by UNESCO City of Design Dundee through Leisure & Culture Dundee.

Our partners are: Abertay University. Creative Scotland. Dundee City Council. University of Dundee.

UNESCO City of Design Dundee Chair Stewart Murdoch
UNESCO City of Design Dundee Manager Anna Day
Project Coordinator Annie Marrs
Assistant Coordinators Andy Truscott. Juraj Ciernik.
Graphic Designer Angela Gahagan, Leisure & Culture Dundee
Website Pulse North

We would like to thank all the global UNESCO Cities of Design for their participation in the Dundee Design Parade and our local design community for their continued support, encouragement and enthusiasm in putting together the 2018 programme.

Major Funders
Year of Young People 2018,
managed by EventScotland.
Scottish Government.

G.F. Smith.
Dundee Festival Trust.

Creative Dundee.
Dundee Festival Trust.
Tilde Arts.