Dundee Pattern Spree

Event Details

The Maxwell Centre

Find inspiration at one of Dundee’s hidden gems, The Maxwell Centre’s community garden, to take your doodles to another level!

You will be creating patterns from nature and objects around us.

Every person, style and material is welcome (bring your own pens or paint).
Children need to be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Be prepared to let go and beat the clock!

Dundee Pattern Spree includes:

– Welcome and walk through the Maxwell Centre and garden
– Introduction to the activity
– Pattern makers in action – design as many as you want!
– Pattern display
– Follow up -from pattern to print- project explained and open for sign-up
– The Maxwell’s community will treat us to tea or coffee, homemade snacks and good chat!

Pattern Sprees bring people together, from all walks of life, to enjoy Dundee’s natural and cultural spaces by observing, connecting, creating patterns and sharing.

Concept inspired by French textile designer group 110 par minute’s SpeedMotif initiative.

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