Places for Everyone Charrette

Event Details

Gate Church International, 158 Perth Road
WED 22 – SAT 25 MAY

Perth Road – Places for Everyone

West End Community Council have received funding from Sustrans Scotland’s Places for Everyone programme, to develop ideas to enhance a section of Perth Road, Dundee to create an accessible, quality ‘high street’ for everyone. The project focuses on Perth Road from Miller’s Wynd to Blackness Library, but considers this key route within the wider context of Dundee.

Share Your Ideas – Charrette

A Places for Everyone Charrette on 22 – 25 May as part of Dundee Design Month 2019 will feature a series of participatory planning workshops and interactive activities at Gate Church International (158 Perth Road, Dundee). In advance of the Charrette local young people will participate in design workshops in the local schools.

The Charrette events will start with an evening Launch Event on Wednesday 22 May. An open door Co-Design Studio will run on 22 – 25 May, inviting participants to drop-in and get creative by sharing, sketching and testing ideas to improve pedestrian and cycle access and enhance the quality of the environment along Perth Road to support the local resident, business and civic community in the area.

A programme of events in the Co-Design Studio will include: Walk, Wheel and Talk tours of the area to problem solve on-site; Ideas Mapping giving folk a platform to share their work; Futurewalk taking a wander along Perth Road and exploring its past, present and possible future; and Postcards from the Future inviting participants to write to themselves from 2029 confirming the positive changes they hope to see.


1pm –  Co-Design Studio Opens

1pm – Schools Workshop

3pm – Walk Wheel and Talk

6pm-  Community Networking

7pm – Issues + Ideas Launch Event



9:30am – Co-Design Studio Opens

10am – Place Standard Workshop

12:30pm – Mapping Issues Lunch

2pm – Access for All: Walk, Wheel and Talk

3pm – Access for All: Inclusive Design Workshop

6:30pm – Community & Business: Emerging Ideas Workshop



9:30am – Co-Design Studio Opens

10am – Sensecheck

12:30pm – Community Lunch

1:30pm – Futurewalk

3:30pm – ‘Soap Box’ Lounge

6:30pm – Evening Event



9:30am – Co-Design Studio Opens

10am – Perth Road Pin-Up

10:30am/11:30am/12:30pm – Perth Road Proposes… (Presentation)

1pm – Co-Design Studio closes


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